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Our Story

Founded by Brion and Brent in 2013:

Our roots go deep in Western North Dakota.  Our great-grandparents homesteaded these wind-swept prairies, endured winters in tar-paper shacks, picked a million rocks, turning virgin prairie to productive farms.  With nothing but their good names and strong backs, they built families, schools, hospitals and communities “from the ground up”.

One hundred years later, our area is bustling with larger farms, growing businesses, and a dynamic oil industry.  Our great-grandparents would swell with pride if they could see the progress and wealth creation that has grown from their humble roots.  However, with this progress, our clients today must wrestle with the complexities of this ever-changing economy.  They are searching for competent guidance in every area, from figuring out taxes and estate planning in the financial arena; to teaching their children the gift of hard work, integrity and the value of a dollar in their homes. 

TruWealth was founded to help simplify our clients’ financial lives.  We are here to assist you in every area, from working with your accountant, to assisting in the estate planning process.  We honor your core values by incorporating them into your personalized financial plan.  We help with gifting strategies now, and legacy planning for tomorrow.

Bottom Line:  Like our immigrant forefathers, we believe in helping this generation dream big dreams followed by big actions.  Our focus on your values ensures these dreams are worthy of the sacrifices and hard work our forefathers invested in us long ago.

Honoring Roots, Building Dreams